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A Healthier and More Beautiful You With Aquasana Water Filters

Did you know that Water Filters by Aquasana not only provide you with safer, cleaner, better drinking water quality than bottled water, but it can also provide you with health and beauty benefits?

Thanks to its best-rated filtration system, Aquasana's revolutionary Shower Filters remove deposits and harmful chemicals like chlorine. By allowing only the cleanest water to touch or be absorbed by your skin, you’ll soon notice a clearer complexion, a healthier glow, lesser respiratory problems, and even softer, tangle-free hair!


I decided to purchase the Aquasana filter system because my one year old son has atopic dermatitis. Since we live in Baguio, water from the Water District is very scarce and we usually have deep well water delivered to our tank. We noticed that bathing him in this water made his skin condition worse. We started buying mineral water for him to bathe with, and his skin condition got better. However, we found this both tedious and expensive. When I purchased the Aquasana water filter, we were able to use the water from our shower to bathe my son and his skin remained smooth. Now, not only my son, but my whole family enjoys the benefits of Aquasana.

- Jardz Aquino - Baguio City, Philippines

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