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Why Water Filtration?


What consumers are saying:

Shower Filters

"It's Like showering in natural spring water!"

  - Jonathan Antin, Celebrity Hair Stylist and Host of Reality Show "Blow-Out"

"I decided to purchase the Aquasana filter system because my one year old son has atopic dermatitis. Since we live in Baguio, water from the Water District is very scarce and we usually have deep well water delivered to our tank. We noticed that bathing him in this water made his skin condition worse. We started buying mineral water for him to bathe with, and his skin condition got better. However, we found this both tedious and expensive. When I purchased the Aquasana water filter, we were able to use the water from our shower to bathe my son and his skin remained smooth. Now, not only my son, but my whole family enjoys the benefits of Aquasana."

  - Jardz Aquino - Baguio City, Philippines

"I'd recommend it to anyone!"

  - Dr. Julian Whitaker

"The benefits are immediate and very noticeable!"

  - Dr. Alan Pressman/Health Talk Radio

"With Aquasana shower filter, my pores are finer, my hair is softer and smoother, and my health has drastically improved!"

  - Maru Catibog

"Thanks to the Aquasana Shower filter, I'm completely dandruff-free!"

  - Dinna de los Reyes - Pasig City, Philippines

"I have very dry and flaky skin. But when I started showering with the Aquasana Filter, I noticed that my skin is now smoother. Not only that, I also do not have much falling hair than I used to."

  - Jorica Mangabat - Pasig CIty, Philippines

"What we like most about the product is that we don’t feel sticky. Our skin still feels smooth and hydrated hours after taking a bath and we don’t get that “malagkit” feeling anymore."

  - Leah Quimson - Pasig City, Philippines

"I took a shower 2x today. The (cold) and rainy weather didn't stop me from doing so (even without a heater)! We love it! I immediately felt how soft my skin without any application of lotion. Great investment. We will definitely save up for the drinking filter."

  - Noemi Cervantes - Las PiƱas City, Philippines

"The Aquasana shower filter is perfect for the health conscious and the vain!

I can actually 3 very good reasons why I love my Aquasana Shower Filter:

First, I've had asthma of the skin since I was 8 years old and before I would notice that when I take a bath, my allergies tend to sting or feel mahapdi but when I started using the Aquasana Shower Filter, my allergies didn't sting anymore and it even slowly went away. My skin feels softer and looks healthier.

Second, I was also born with curly hair and it's always been challenging to fix it and keep it neat all day especially when I'm vain about my hair. When I went to Vancouver last 2010, I noticed that my hair didn't go frizzy. I thought it was just the weather but my grandmother told me that they had a shower filter so now that it's available here, I'm very very happy. You can feel and see the difference immediately!

Speaking of immediate difference, I live in Ayala Southvale in Bacoor, Cavite and I noticed that every time it rains, the water that comes out of our faucet is brown. But now, my water is always pristine! Before even if I'm disgusted I had no choice but to take a bath using the brown water. To prove this further, when it rained recently, I even compared the water coming out of my shower from the one in the sink and there it was - brown and clear water. Thank God for my shower filter, I feel safer brushing my teeth using clean water without any fear of ingesting bacteria."

  - Chari Altarejos - Cavite City, Philippines

I'm loving the filters. I no longer buy bottled water, I feel more secured with point of use filtration. I also have dermatitis so I make sure I bathe with filtered water. It's not cured, but I'm seeing less and less incidence of breakouts since I started showering with filtered water. I also use filtered water to bathe my 4 year-old daughter and 5-month old son.

  - Bernadette Sotto - Cebu City, Philippines